20 Hot Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Women

#8 Scarecrow Costume is adorable


Source: @annanpage

First up is this creepy scarecrow outfit. She’s wearing scarecrow makeup and a flannel shirt and pants, as you can see. This costume is really simple to wear and make. Scarecrow makeup tips are available online, and you may already have comparable clothing in your wardrobe.

#7 The Sun and the Moon


Source: kryslinkane

My best pals are opting for this sun and moon quick Halloween costume since it is simple to make and they are last-minute chicks haha. We can’t dispute that it’s still one of the most popular Halloween costumes for college females.

#6 Barbie’s Halloween Costume


We had always wished to be a Barbie doll. I mean, I did it. If you’re the same, this last-minute Barbie Halloween costume will suit you well.

#5 Mummy Costumes

source : Sidney Marie Duke

I’m really smitten with this gorgeous mummy Halloween costume. It’s truly wonderful for Halloween and so simple to create.

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