The Best Makeup Tutorial For Hooded Eyes | Step by Step Instructions

Makeup Tutorial For Hooded Eyes

Do you need help finding eye-makeup tips for hooded eyes? This comprehensive guide will teach you all you need to know about hooded eyes, from the fundamentals to the most effective makeup application techniques.


Over-the-Eye-Brows: What Does That Mean?

When extra skin sags over the eyes from the brow, it is called a “hooded” appearance. The eye crease might be entirely hidden when the extra skin hangs down to the lash line.

So, what exactly do hooded eyes seem like?

Eyes with a hooded appearance often lack a crease or have very little lid area. That is to say, the space between the brow bone and the lower eyelid is negligible.

Can Hooded Eyes Be Prevented?


The majority of occurrences with hooded eyelids may be attributed to heredity. However, aging may also cause hooded eyes to appear. Droopy eyelids are the common term for the hooding of the eyes that comes with age.

Do You Think People With Hooded Eyes Look Good?

Hooded eyes are no less attractive than any other kind. Famous people and models often have hooded eyelids. To the contrary, this eye form is quite typical.

How to Remove Hooded Eyes

A inherited condition, hooded eyes are not abnormal. Hooded eyes cannot be corrected without surgical intervention, however they may be concealed with cosmetics to give the appearance of open lids.


How to Correct Hooded Eyes

There is a surgical treatment called blepharoplasty that may permanently remove the hoods from your eyes. Excess skin and fat are removed from the brow bone region during the surgery.

Makeup may be used to correct hooded eyes if surgical intervention is not an option.

Makeup for Hooded Eyes: A Step-by-Step Guide with Photos

#1 Prepare Your Lids by Priming Your Eyes

Begin with a blank canvas. After cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser, apply a moisturizer. On both eyelids, apply an eyeshadow primer. To mask dark circles or discoloration, apply a lightweight concealer.

#2 Determine the Type of Eyelid Crease

This will teach you how to create the appearance of a wrinkle to draw attention to your eyes.

#3 The Lost Zone

In the middle of your eye, under your lower lid, you’ll find the lost zone. Makeup for the under-eye area should always be applied along the lash line.

#4 Discovered Zone

Typically, just the inner corners and tails of the eyes are visible. For the discovered zone, apply makeup above the lash line.

#5 Make A Foundation Shape

Make a basic, neutral foundation with a light brown eyeshadow. Begin with the tear duct and work your way down the length of your eye. Make a triangle shape out of the corner of your eyes.

#6 Apply eye-shadow to the upper lash line

Apply eye-shadow on the tip of the lid using a broad brush. It is recommended to apply makeup with your eyes open since finding your natural crease with your eyes closed might be difficult. Applying makeup to the hooded area may cause the eyes to seem puffy. Blend in additional eyeshadow to intensify the color. Repeat the procedure on the opposite eye. Clean any excess or smudges using a Q-tip.

Check your cosmetics while your eyes are open.

#7 Use the Gel Liner

To apply the gel liner, follow the directions on the lost and found zones. To enhance definition, apply a light brown or darker gel liner. Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner to the outer corners of your lower lids. This will keep smudging at bay. Using a waterproof, long-lasting liquid eyeliner is another approach to avoid smearing.

#8 Make Use Of An Eyelash Curler

Using an eyelash curler, curl all of the lashes as much as possible. If necessary, use a tool to raise the hooded cover. You may also gently lift the lid up with your finger if you are uncomfortable using a tool on your eye. Work your way from the corners to the center of the lashes. For a natural appearance, make sure you’ve curled all the way.

#9 Apply False Lashes

Check that your synthetic lashes match your real lashes. Instead of utilizing the whole length of the lashes, cut them into smaller portions. Individual lashes may also complement and enhance your eyes. Apply lash adhesive over the whole surface of the artificial lash and adhere it to the lash line. Begin in the discovered zone at the outer corner of the eyes. This will make the eyes seem larger.

Because the lash lines are covered, be sure you thoroughly apply the fake lashes. You may also attempt the popular fox eyes look by applying lashes simply to the outer corners of your eyes. This adds a sensual touch to hooded eyes.

#10 Use Mascara

Finish with mascara to help integrate the artificial lashes with your natural lashes. To coat the lashes on the lower eyelid, hold the mascara wand vertically.

The Last Look

Scroll down to discover the best makeup for hooded eyes.

The Ultimate Hooded Eye Makeup Guide: Tips And Tricks

  1. Dark and harsh eyeliners will make your eyes look smaller, although they should not be avoided entirely. You may use them in the outside corners if you use them all over the lid.
  2. Apply eyeshadow above the crease at all times.
  3. To open up your eyes, waterline your lids or create a false winged eyeliner.
  4. To brighten the eyes, use nude or white pencils, particularly in the water line and inner corner.
  5. Line your lower eyelids with a deeper hue.
  6. To get a faint cat-eye impression, use a light smokey or smudge finish.
  7. Remember to prepare your eyes.
  8. Fill in your eyebrows to make your eyes stand out.
  9. For a fuller effect, use fake eyelashes.


Applying makeup to hooded eyes may be difficult. Because of the increased skin folding, the crease above the eyelid is scarcely noticeable. Furthermore, standard makeup procedures are ineffective. However, we have some excellent hacks that include making little changes to established processes in order to get a fuller and more defined appearance. We’ve covered several great cosmetic tips for hooded eyes in this post, including primer application, artificial lashes or mascara, and tight lining. You may also try out different styles and trends to suit your eye makeup. So, get your tools and go to work!

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