5 Easy Tips For Matching Colors In Your Outfit

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It is common to think that the combination of colors is a complex exercise that only experts master. So when in doubt, we prefer not to take any risks and simply calm down a color with black.It’s really a reflex gesture: many people use black as the ultimate solution when they wear one or two other colors. Although they are not necessarily convinced of this choice, these people repeat over and over the belief (limiting for the blow!) that black goes with everything. However, the choice is much wider, and besides, black is more of a trap than anything else.

As an image consultant, this is a question I often hear: How do you combine colors? How not to go all over the place or systematically resort to black? I’m going to share with you 5 of my favorite tips for creating beautiful color combinations that will add real value to your style. From the simplest to the most daring, let’s analyze these combinations that work every time.

5) The essential tool for easy color matching

First and foremost, I invite you to keep a color wheel in mind (or print one if you need to). This tool will help you understand how not to make mistakes when you play with different colors.

A color wheel shows all the colors in the same order, starting with the three primary colors and their complement. Black, white, gray and brown do not have a place of their own. This makes it easier to concentrate on all the other colors and observe how they work together.


With this wheel in mind, you’ll see how easy it is to wear two or three colors without a lapse in taste, in support of what we’ll see next. And maybe you’ll want to go beyond the famous three-color rule.

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