35 Original Christmas Tree Ideas

With December and the holiday season just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about the decor that will accompany you. Traditional, wood, wool, fabric, masking tape, old books or cork, here are 35 original Christmas tree ideas to bring into your home.


1 – A fir tree with an old wooden floor

Instead of throwing away that old parquet floor that was lying around the garage, cut it up and assemble it into an elegant and natural tree. You can also reuse the wood to make a pallet Christmas tree.

2 – A wall tree made of tree branches


Easy to find in the forest and to fix with jute string, these tree branches become a wall tree once hung on a nail. A few ornaments, a light garland, and there you have it.

3 – A sculptural wooden Christmas tree

Wooden strips of different sizes installed in a spiral, and this tree is born in a sculptural way.


4 – An original masking tape Christmas tree

Small spaces often lack the space to accommodate a 3-dimensional tree. The trick: use masking tape to form one on the wall, as here, where the association of black and white was chosen as a bias.

5 – A wooden Christmas tree

A simple graphic structure was enough to give a tree look to these few planks of blond wood.

6 – A framed Christmas tree

Here’s an idea that won’t go unnoticed! In this XXL antique frame, a multitude of ornaments become a colorful tree once glued next to each other.

7 – An original Christmas tree with stickers

Glued to the wall to form a tree, these stickers in holiday colors create a decor that could not be more subtle.

8 – A macramé tree

The macramé trend, star of bohemian interiors, is also making news at holiday time. This Christmas tree made of braided rope will not tell us otherwise.

9 – An original Christmas tree made of old books

Mounted on top of each other to create a triangular stack, these old books were then decorated like a tree.

10 – A creative Montessori Christmas tree

Here is a tree that should please the little ones! On it, gifts and ornaments can be taped and untaped according to the mood of the day.

11 – A tree made of cut wood

Carved in a large plank of raw pine, this tree was simply attached to the wall and covered with a garland of lights.

12 – A tree made with family photos

Take advantage of your family photos to create a Christmas tree that could not be more personalized.

13 – An original 3D cardboard tree

Two flat pieces of cardboard that fit together to form an original tree. You just have to add some stickers to decorate it.

14 – A wall tree with tree branches

Branches glued to the wall and a few copper balls to put them in the festive mood.

15 – A knitted Christmas tree


If you are good with needles, you can try DIY crochet trees. Once finished, all you have to do is place them in small clay pots.

16 – A mimicry tree with garland



This Christmas tree made of wood structure and fir garland brings a real touch of uniqueness to holiday decorations.

17 – A Christmas tree with crochet doilies


Don’t know what to do with all those crochet doilies you inherited from your grandmothers? Hang them on your window to create a unique, retro Christmas tree.

18 – A tree made of old book



Pages of books yellowed by time and a few pieces of masking tape are enough to create a Christmas tree on the wall that looks like no other.

19 – A Christmas tree colored with gifts


If you prepare your Christmas gifts in advance, take the opportunity to stack them up to a colorful tree.

20 – A corner Christmas tree


Wooden boards with LEDs fixed on a corner of the wall: a surprisingly decorative idea!

21 – Greedy Christmas trees with cupcakes

A little sweet for the snack? Yes, especially if it takes the form of a comforting tree!

22 – A hanging Christmas tree

Made of fabric and paper, this Christmas tree suspended in the air brings elegance to the living room that has made a small place for it. The plus: the wooden stool that serves as its trunk.

23 – A Christmas tree with words

A few words in a banner that take the shape of a tree when hung on the wall. Easy and contemporary, right?

24 – A minimalist Christmas tree

A simple tree branch slipped into a transparent XXL vase and Christmas is already here.

25 – A fabric tree

Small green fabric cushions filled, then mounted in a pile up to the star. A big yes for this DIY fabric tree idea!

26 – A Christmas tree with lights

Several garlands placed in a triangle on the wall that instantly evokes a Christmas tree.

27 – A Christmas tree in raw pine

You can’t get more minimalist with wood! These two clear pine boards in the shape of a triangle simply fit together and wait to receive the presents of the whole family at their feet.

28 – A pineapple Christmas tree

If you live in the sun and don’t have a tree on hand, replace it with one or more pineapples and garnish them with small, shiny balls.

29 – A wooden table tree

Made from blonde wood, these minimalist trees are elegantly adorned with a simple ball.

30 – Natural Christmas trees

Branches planted to create small trees: an ingenious idea to decorate small spaces.

31 – A magical Christmas tree

Create a wow effect at every entrance to your home, it’s possible, with this Christmas tree with a surprising visual effect!

32 – A chalet-style Christmas tree

With its big fur balls and its reindeer and sheep decorations, this Christmas tree will easily find its place in a mountain chalet, in the living room or on the terrace.

33 – An advent calendar tree

Two in one! Make your own advent calendar in the shape of a tree with a metal structure and 24 fabric bags.

34 – A crochet Christmas tree

Incredible Christmas tree made entirely of crocheted wool!

35 – A rainbow Christmas tree

From purple to red, passing by blue, green, yellow and orange. Ingenious this idea of a rainbow Christmas tree!

Geometric, romantic, airy, natural, floral, bohemian, authentic… the tree has more than one style to its credit. Whether you want to make it yourself or simply decorate a traditional tree, there is more than one choice. All you have to do is set the mood for the festivities and get started.

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