15 psychological signs that someone loves you, from your first meetings



We can all feel anxious or unsure when we start new relationships, wondering if someone really loves us. None of us can read minds, but our bodies and our psychology can be telling. Fortunately, there are signs that clearly answer this question and can subtly let us know how someone really feels about us.

Here are some little-known signs to look out for in new relationships.

#15 The direction of the feet

If their feet are facing you, it can show that they are interested. “Open body language is an indication that someone is curious and attentive to you,” says licensed therapist Shamyra Howard. Other signs may include leaning toward you with relaxed shoulders and uncrossed arms.


#14 If you can see their hands


When someone is comfortable around you, you can usually see their hands. This could be a great indicator that a partner feels safe and connected to you.


#13 The tilt of the head in both directions

If your crush tilts his head to the side when he listens to you talk, this could be a good sign. The head tilt can show that they are curious and listening.

#12 Their hands are sweaty

We might assume this simply means someone is hot or sweating, but it can actually mean nerves. Being nervous is a sign that they might be interested in you and don’t want to mess up anything, which is a good sign that they care about you!

#11 They stumble over their words

Another way someone might reveal that they’re nervous is if they stumble over their words, especially if they’re usually confident or the center of attention. “When you know they’re not normally awkward, but they’re awkward and can’t formulate sentences around you, it could be a sign of interest,” says a relationship expert.

#10 They stand or sit close to you

If they stand inches away from you in situations where you’re together, they may simply not be able to resist being as close to you as possible. If they’re not afraid of proximity and clearly express their desire (but not in a creepy way), it’s likely a good sign.

#9 They’re rocking a toothy smile

Many of us stop smiling in a way that shows our front teeth around age 5, unless we’re super happy. So when they’re having a lot of fun, look for teeth. If they are really really happy, they won’t bother to cover their front teeth when they smile.

#8 It stares at your face fully


Uninterrupted eye contact can make people uncomfortable these days. So if their eyes spend most of the time moving between your eyes, nose and lips, it means they are very interested in you.

#7 They lick their lips (in a cute way)

Science says that when you are attracted to someone, your mouth produces extra saliva. So, your crush might lick their lips or press them together when they are near you if they are very interested. Be careful, make sure this lip licking isn’t scary!

#6  They make physical contact

Physical contact can be a good way to test the waters to see how you react to their touch. So little excuses to be in contact, like touching your knee or tucking your hair behind your ear, can mean they want to be closer to you.

#5 They touch their throat

The throat is an area of the body that represents communication and vulnerability. So, if they touch this area while interacting with you, it could mean something. For example, it could be a sign that they are interested in you and worried about themselves.

#4 They are singling you out in a group

In group situations, they find ways to have little moments with you. This could be asking you direct questions or just responding to what you said. Laughing at your jokes, looking at you and making side conversations is also a good thing.

#3 They are consistent in communication


Consistency in communication is a great indicator of interest. Staying in touch is essential to building relationships, so they shouldn’t “disappear” for long periods of time and then return without explanation.

#2 They blush around you


Blushing is an honest response to being excited or getting a shot of adrenaline. Therefore, this can be a common sign that someone is attracted to you – they feel “taken” to be excited by another person.

#1 They laugh a lot with you

Laughing and smiling are ways to establish intimacy, rapport and connection with someone. So, if this happens a lot between you, it could mean that they really like you.

Is there anything you would add to this list? How do you gauge how someone feels about you? Share your tips in the comments.

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