5 Qualities That Men Look For In a Wife

What guys desire most in a woman

Although the headline of this piece claims, “5 qualities men desire most in a wife,” the focus here is on what men really need from a partner. Want males, there are a number of qualities that we (women) would really like in a spouse. It would be great if he had Chris Hemsworth’s physique. But that’s not actually what we need in order to have a healthy connection with our spouse. If we were to marry him, we’d probably think he’s cute. Take a look at these 5 characteristics a man truly wants in a wife, and if you can think of anything more, share your opinions in the comments below!


#5 Friendship that lasts a lifetime

Someone they can scratch their rump next to and yet be loved, despite your occasional judgment. But honestly however, your husband didn’t marry you to get a new mom (even if you may feel like it certain days) and he didn’t marry you only to have someone assist with the rent. He obviously thinks highly of you to have chosen to spend his life with you. Marriage isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, trust me on that, but it is good to have someone in your life that gets you and still enjoys being in your company. Someone who can read his thoughts just by looking at him.

When my hubby is not around, I feel lonely and sad. Five minutes before the conclusion of his shift, I normally send him a message that reads, come Home. This is not due to my innate need. Given that I like being with my spouse but must spend most days apart from him, I anticipate his return with great joy.


Sometimes when life gets the better of us, we might easily forget to show our spouses that we still like them. When life becomes hectic or stressful, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of enjoying the present moment by laughing and relaxing. Try to remind yourself to be present in the moment with your partner and to not take things too seriously.

#4 One who leads in cheers

If a guy’s employer, colleagues, and even friends tell him he’s not great, he needs a constant reminder that he is, in fact, great. That doesn’t mean you should keep telling your spouse he’s great every time he makes a major error (because it may happen), but everyone could use a friend whose view of them remains unchanged no matter how horrible their day was. When we’re having a terrible day or have made a mistake, we all need someone to give us the benefit of the doubt. It’s terrible to mess up and worry that everyone will look down on you because of it. That’s why you have your best friend’s wife; so she can tell you, “Yeah, it wasn’t your best day. However, I am aware of your greatness and know that you still rock. If you remind your husband that you appreciate him even on his worst days, he will work harder to prove to you that he is decent at heart. If you follow me.


#3 Official shouting “FOUL!”

Another name for this person is someone who will confront him.

Exactly what this does NOT imply

Repeatedly telling your spouse that he is inadequate and needs to improve is a certain way to drive him crazy. Not doing so would entail always challenging his judgment and pushing your own views on him. AND it doesn’t imply you can’t forgive his previous misdeeds.

This DOES imply:

It’s okay to tell your spouse when he’s having a bad day and he doesn’t recognize it yet, especially if you also want to let him know that you know he can do better.

My spouse has excellent character judgment and can always see beyond people’s outward appearances, which is one of the many reasons I love him so much.

However, his insistence on speaking the truth might get him in problems at times.

Exactly where I come in!

I’ve had to tell him several times that truthfulness isn’t sufficient for the need of utterance.

Your spouse will need you to tell him, “Hey, that’s not right, and I expect more from you.”

It’s excellent to have high expectations for your guy and to keep him responsible on a regular basis.

Check that your expectations and your partner’s expectations are in sync..

If your expectations for your partner are different from his own, you and your partner are likely to have frequent disagreements.

#2 Romantic

Know how important it is for a woman to feel pursued?

Men need that, too.

Actually, it’s a lot more than you may realize at first.

I’m going to say this now because I know at least three nymphos will read this: I think women love sex just as much as males do.

While most women admit to enjoying sexual activity, the majority say they are indifferent to their partners’ advances and don’t initiate sex nearly as frequently as their husbands do.

We’ve reached a point in our marriage where we can discuss in depth how each other’s acts make us feel, as well as how we’d want such actions to be handled.

He has stressed to me the significance of my taking the initiative on a regular basis.

Knowing that it was my idea and that I am just as enthusiastic about it as he is makes him feel more wanted and increases his anticipation of our sexual encounters.

Let’s be honest: a lump on the bed makes it difficult to become “intimate.”

If initiating sex with your spouse is something you struggle with, this week is a good time to take a few steps toward doing so, whether that means mentally scheduling romantic evenings or buying a few extra attractive things from the lingerie aisle.

Then keep doing what you’re doing if not.

#1 Commander

Don’t keep quiet if your spouse has a plan you know will end in disaster.

I think it’s important to honor your husband and give him some authority.

However, you have knowledge and expertise that he may lack.

You and your hubby are both good and bad in different ways.

Money management is one of my strong suits.

My spouse makes the assumption that we will always be able to make ends meet.

Together, we’re stronger.

I rely on him to keep me from getting too worked up about money, and he relies on me to let him know when we both need a break from using our credit cards.

You probably have some insightful views and valuable life experiences that would be a waste if kept to oneself.

He didn’t marry a dumb sheep to follow him down a cliff, you know.

He found himself a very astute and helpful spouse.

Employ your combined ingenuity and wisdom to assist each other make sound choices and avoid pitfalls.

Can you recall a time when he specifically thanked you for being the wife that you are?

Please tell me about the ways in which your abilities supplement those of your spouse.

Share this with your fellow wives and future wives by leaving a comment below!

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