5 Reasons Why Men Prefer Dating Older Women

In today’s culture, it is not unusual for women to be with guys much older than themselves without anybody batting an eye.However, the opposite is often misunderstood. How can a man be attracted to a woman three, six or even twelve years older than him? Why does a woman in her forties feel much more confident than a younger woman? These questions, which give rise to much debate, are legitimate. In fact, more and more men are going against social diktats and stereotypes and are looking for mature women to date and engage in a relationship with older women. Discover the 5 reasons behind this choice.


We all have at least one man around us who feels more attracted to older women. Like Emmanuel Macron who decided to marry Brigitte Macron, his teacher who is 24 years older than him, some have succumbed to the beauty and strength of mature women despite the great age difference. As Elle magazine points out, there are several characteristics found in mature women that make them irresistible to men.

#5 They have more experience

While young women are generally inexperienced sexually, so-called “mature” women have experienced a much richer love and sex life and enjoy making love. If she wants to please young men, a mature woman may be looking for a different kind of adventure. In fact, couples with older women are sexually fulfilled. No matter how far apart the two partners are, the desire to seduce, the attraction and the orgasm can be much more intense than between young people of the same age, especially since these women have a more assertive body language and know how to be sexy and have a higher libido. For cougar women, an older man is not necessarily more mature. In fact, some mature women consider younger men to be much wiser, yet more passionate.

#4 They’re self-confident


Cougar women have an unshakeable confidence in themselves. Assuming the fact of aging, having cellulite, stretch marks or wrinkles, she is perfectly aware of her intrinsic value. Attracted by a younger man, she does not hesitate to flirt and use dating sites to find the right match. However, to seduce an older woman and hope to maintain a strong and authentic relationship with her, the single man must use his virility and ignore the gaze of others. In reality, we don’t have to be the same age to have a great love story. Whether the mature woman wants a spouse, a lover or a much younger “toy boy”, she will be able to put forward her seductive potential.

#3 They do not maintain the desire of motherhood

For young men, this point is very important. While young women often hide a desire for motherhood, in older women, this need is not felt. Whether she has reached menopause or her metabolism no longer allows her to feel the need to become a mother, she does not see sexuality as a reproductive act but as a pleasurable experience in its own right, even for one-night stands. Life as a couple is generally much less complex for men who fear pregnancy. They can have more sex without fear of the older woman talking about marriage or children. He doesn’t need to know her chronological age to be happy with her.

#2 They don’t have complexes


They know how to seduce older men but also how to please younger men. They are aware that their partners are attracted by their body, their maturity and their ardor. They are not afraid of their partner’s infidelity and only fall in love with the rare pearl. Generally, those who are called Milf, do not maintain complexes nor jealousy. Perfectly aware of their assets, they lead a pleasant sexual life and avoid problems by leading a serene couple relationship. Knowing that women’s bodies are constantly changing, they do not dwell on their imperfections and are not afraid to express their feminine fantasies and do not wait for compliments from others to feel good about themselves. In addition, they know how to seduce a man, even on a dating site, and enjoy an erotic experience with a young man despite the huge age gap.

#1 They are more emotionally stable

Negative thoughts and emotions are known to have an impact on health. Fortunately, mature women acquire a stability of mind that young girls do not have. They do not wait for their spouse to be a crutch to face their problems and remain perfectly independent emotionally. In this sense, they know how to direct and manage their emotions in order to face the hazards of life.

The age difference: what does it mean?

Alice de Lara, a couple therapist, explains that when a man of a certain age is in a relationship with a younger woman, he tries to distance himself from age and the passage of time. To reassure himself, the older man needs to feel that younger women like him and to feel the admiration that she may have for him, even if he has to resort to Viagra in case of impotence to satisfy his younger partner. For this reason, he becomes unfaithful if he is married and allows himself to live a love relationship with a younger woman. He seeks to live his couple with the younger woman by conducting an extramarital relationship, even if cheating on his wife will put his couple in trouble.While a woman of a certain age by having a relationship with a younger man, she needs to feel admired. She is flattered to notice that she can still seduce and please, moreover to a younger man, even if she reaches a certain age. The therapist points out that some men, as adults, prefer older women because they are already mature enough to be interested in mature women.

These age differences do not necessarily hinder the success of the couple when the interests and needs are identical; the relationship can be fulfilled. However, when the desire to have a child or age-related illness sets in, complications can arise in the relationship.Older men and women when they enter into relationships with even a slightly younger partner can have stories that last when it is not so simple. The age gaps can be huge and aging takes its toll on the older person, putting the couple in crisis and difficulty. A younger man may look the other way and have a sexual desire for a younger woman, which is legitimate, explains psychiatrist Dr. Youssef Mourtada, adding that the older woman is aware that he may try to seduce women and even a young woman in her twenties. In this case, it sometimes becomes difficult to rebuild the couple.

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