8 Red Flags Saying That You Are Only On Temporary Relationship

When you’re in a relationship with someone, you probably want that relationship to last forever. You would always want to have close relationships that are meant to last a long time. But you can’t avoid the fact that some people will only be looking for short-term flings and hookups. There will always be people who are too afraid to make a long-term commitment to someone.

You could be with this man because you think he has a lot of potential. How sure are you, though, that he is the same? How sure are you that he also wants a long-term relationship? You might feel like things are getting serious.

But he could just want something casual and short-term with you. That’s too bad, because you’re just setting yourself up to be let down. If you don’t have the same expectations, you’re only setting yourself up for heartache.

If you notice that a lot of these things apply to your relationship and the guy you’re with, it’s likely that he’s not looking for a serious relationship with you. Here are 8 Real Signs That You’re Only In A Temporary Relationship.

8 Warning Signs That Your Relationship Is Temporary

#8 He’s a skilled texter

It may sound a little strange, but if he’s texting you but never calling you, there’s something a little off.

You see, in the age of modern dating, a man who wants a close relationship will always find time to make a video call, or at least a traditional call so he can hear your voice.

If he hates talking on the phone, the calls will be rare. But if he doesn’t see himself in a serious relationship with you, they will be non-existent and he won’t even answer yours.

#7 Your knowledge of him is limited.

Even the most guarded men will eventually open up to the woman they’re dating, especially if the relationship is serious.

He will tell you about his friends, family, habits, work and childhood memories.

He will have an unconscious desire to do all of these things. He’ll be eager for you to get to know him, and curious to learn everything there is to know about you.

But if your relationship is temporary, he will establish a distance between you by discussing only superficial topics or giving you only brief answers to your personal questions.

Another thing that people in a superficial relationship tend to do is talk about things that aren’t really important, like favorite movies, sports, drinks, food, etc.

By doing this, he’s leading you to believe that he’s telling you everything about himself, but when you think about it, you don’t really know that much about him.

#6 He never gives you clear answers

He tries to give the impression that he’s easygoing and can just roll with whatever happens. There is no way for him to predict what will occur or what he will do in the future.

He doesn’t know if he will be able to see you tomorrow or next week. He always says he’ll keep you posted, but you’re never sure he will.

It’s kind of like he only does things the way it suits him, right?

The man in your life will schedule appointments and most of the time he will be able to tell you when it is possible to meet up. If he’s vague about everything, then your relationship is temporary.

#5 The future is an off-limits subject.

If he hates talking about the future and tactfully avoids bringing it up even though you’ve been together for months, you can be sure he’s not ready for a serious relationship.

Not saying a word about the future means he doesn’t know if you’ll be there next month, or the month after that, let alone a year from now.

With him, any conversation about the future begins and ends with “we’ll see”…

#4 You two don’t hang together too often.

Unless you’re in a long-distance relationship, there’s no excuse for not seeing each other regularly.

When a guy really likes a girl, he’ll make time to be with her.

He won’t neglect his friends, family or work, but he will always make you a priority.

If he only treats you as a stop on his way and if you sense from his behavior that he is only with you because he has nothing better to do, then you are only temporary in his life.

#3 He is a comedian

His sense of humor is perfect, which is good. But if he makes a joke out of everything, that’s cause for concern and a bad sign.

By keeping his tone as a joke, he avoids real conversation, especially when you ask him questions.

He refuses to solve or discuss problems – he does his best to make you laugh and in fact, makes you forget what the problem is.

After a while, you will become frustrated because you will be unable to make a real connection with him because of this excessive humour.

#2 You can’t get rid of the feeling that something is wrong

In the first few months of a relationship, you must be in seventh heaven because you are so happy.

But if that feeling that you’re missing something is getting to you, don’t ignore it.

Take a step back and try to figure out what’s wrong and if there’s something in his behaviour that’s giving you a warning to be careful.

#1 To put it bluntly, he’s a complete and utter baby.

His life consists solely of going out at night and sleeping throughout the day, and he shows no signs of wanting to go beyond this phase.

Perhaps he still lives at home with his parents and often embarrasses you with his immaturity.

As a corollary to this immaturity, emotions are often shown.

You can tell whether he is selfish by the way he avoids commitment or withdraws from a situation the moment it becomes difficult or he stops considering the needs of others.

An immature guy will never commit to anything serious or enduring, thus this is a clear clue that your relationship is simply ephemeral. He isn’t mature enough for it yet.

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