20 Chic Tiny Rose Tattoos for Women

small rose tattoos

Rose tattoo designs are among the most popular in the world. A rose may signify love, hope and more. The colors, as well as the rose itself, have unique connotations. A red rose may signify love, a pink rose can indicate gratitude, a yellow rose can represent pleasure, and black roses can represent sadness or even rebellion. That being said, each rose is unique, as is each piece of rose body art. If you are thinking about picking a rose tattoo design, then here is the place to be. We discovered 20 lovely and little rose tattoos. Small tattoos are ideal for adding to your tattoo collection or for those looking for more inconspicuous body art. So, have a look and discover which beautiful rose is ideal for you.


#20 Around the Ankle


The ankle is a common location for little rose tattoos. We found a crisp little darling above and believe something similar would appeal to a large number of people!


#19 Miniature Realism


A rose is a frequent theme for micro tattoos, which are becoming more popular. These simple designs have a tremendous impact.


#18 Lovely Black Rose

Source: @lucasmilk

When you see little rose tattoos, they are usually red, pink, or merely have a black ink outline. As a result, this one is rather unusual. We have a black rose design here. We have a little rose that is entirely coated in black ink, as you can see. It’s a chic take on rose body art that gives us an edgy, Gothic atmosphere. A black rose may be worn in any position on the body.

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