10 Signs That He Is Not The One For You, Even Though You Love Him.

11 Signs That He Is Not The One For You, Even Though You Love Him.

#10 He Puts In Little Or No Effort


He’s doing almost nothing while you’re giving it your all. He’s present, but with one foot out the door.

He offers you just enough to hold on to, but not enough to make you happy, and that is insufficient.

Don’t settle for mediocre men, modest investments, or insufficient love. You are deserving of so much more.


#9 He Masterfully Portrays The Victim

When you apologize for something you know you didn’t do, you can’t believe your ears. He uses accusations to control every argument.

It’s easier for him to say “I’m sorry” than admit he hurt you.


He simply does not feel that anything is his fault and will do his best to persuade you otherwise.

This is highly draining emotionally, not to mention unfair.

According to him, you are always the one who is incorrect and lacks comprehension.

#8 His Response Rate Is Low

You become nervous every time you text him because you’re frightened he won’t respond.

He has a propensity of ignoring your messages for several hours, if not days.

He texts when it is convenient for him and when he needs something.

He doesn’t have to answer immediately or text you 24 hours a day, but we all know how someone who is truly in love will act.

It’s not quite enough for you, as seen by all those unanswered or late texts.

#7 He Is Not Prepared

Love can obscure your judgment at times, and you keep expecting that the future will transform him into someone who is not scared to commit and will be everything you need.

This almost never occurs, and before you realize it, years have passed and you are still trapped in an almost personal relationship.

So believe him when he claims he isn’t ready. He’ll never be, and he’ll be playing you.

#6 He Betrayed You


If you’re considering forgiving a cheater, keep one thing in mind: soul mates don’t cheat on each other. In a million years, never.

There’s no turning back after he betrays your trust like that. His activities are unstoppable.

You will always have reservations about him. You’ll be suspicious of everything he does.

Unfortunately, just because he did something heinous does not mean that love fades that soon; you will need time to heal your heart.

You deserve better than a thieving jerk.

#5 He Lacks Maturity

While being infantile might be endearing, some men take it too far. You should not be acting like his mother.

Paying bills, cleaning the apartment, and putting out the garbage should be automatic, not something you have to remind him of all the time.

Living with an immature partner is very difficult.

You need someone who is on your level, not someone you must raise.

Talk to them, be open about your concerns about their immature conduct, and if they push themselves, there is still a chance.

#4 He Is Untrustworthy

He cancels last-minute plans. He promises to do something but never follows through.

He is dishonest, and his word means little to you because he has lied so many times before.

Don’t waste time with someone you don’t know.

#3 He Is Unconcerned

He can be so selfish at times that you begin to believe he is emotionless.

He lacks empathy and is oblivious to how his actions affect him.

All he is concerned about is his comfort and happiness.

On bad days, he is not present. When you’re whirling, he doesn’t stay.

He’s there when you need him and then leaves when you don’t.

#2 He Has A Tendency To Make You Feel Horrible About Yourself

Life is difficult enough without someone constantly putting you down and making you feel uncomfortable.

Your soulmate would never take advantage of your vulnerabilities in order to make you feel bad or to enhance your ego.

Your soulmate should be your safe haven, someone who makes you feel beautiful and special, someone who puts you on cloud nine.

#1 He Is More Concerned With Getting into Your Bed Than With Getting Into Your Heart

Sex and strong chemistry are not to be overlooked.

However, if your relationship is all about sex and has no content, it will not endure long.

Only when you find someone who genuinely cares about you both in and out of the bedroom will you have found something valuable.

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