24 Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

small tattoo ideas for women

Have you thought about getting a ‘tattoo’ but it’s your first and you don’t know where to start? It’s best to start with a few small details anywhere on the body, visible or not.


Go for the minimalist designs that are so fashionable nowadays. We suggest you 24 Small Tattoo Ideas to choose carefully.


Among the favorites are initials on the wrist and fingers, silhouettes of animals or their footprints and also abstract but fine and elegant lines.

This is the great claim of people who are new to the world of tattooing and who, in principle, prefer to see what they feel with something smaller and less visible.


For this reason, favor less visible areas such as the back of the body (which will only be seen in the summer with a bikini), the inside of the fingers, the neck area or the heel.

Pinterest is the perfect place to receive inspiration of all kinds and today we immersed ourselves in the fascinating world of small tattoos. There we found many mini tattoos of celebrities that we want to copy.

#24 Initial Tattoo


#23 Plane Tattoo

#22 Tattoo number

#21 Face Tattoo

#20 Silhouette tattoos

#19 Tattoo with initials

#18 Tattoo with words

#17 Tattoo with dots

#16 Abstract tattoo

#15 Couple tattoo

#14 Tattoo with lines

#13 Very small tattoos

#12 Makeup tattoo

#11 Memories Tattoo

#10 Pets tattoo

#9 Tattoos with message

#8 Tattoos with meaning

#7 Tattoo writing

#6 Tattoos for beauty lovers

#5 Fashion Tattoo

#4 Phrases for tattooing

#3 Heart shaped tattoo

#2 Small tattoo

#1 Flower tattoo

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