Why Do The Smartest Women Have Trouble Finding Love?

Many single women register on dating websites or go on multiple dates to find their soul mate. Looking for a serious relationship, they want to find the right person and live a beautiful love story. But unfortunately, a strong and intelligent woman sometimes has trouble finding her prince charming. We explain why?


Some women think that their rare pearl is hiding somewhere and that they will meet him one day or another. To find the love of their life, they try to meet new people to create a connection or a potentially lasting bond. However, it seems that despite all their good will, strong and intelligent women can have a hard time finding their soul mate.

Why can’t smart women find love easily?

Wanting to meet the right person and have a happy love life are desires that many women share. Depending on several factors, they may be apprehensive about being single and actively working to find love, whether it’s through speed-dating, blind dates or simple connections on social networks. But if some manage to find love on the internet, others often meet the wrong people. And this can be explained by several reasons.


#3 A strong woman does not tolerate lack of ambition

It is often said that a strong and intelligent woman cannot tolerate certain behaviors from a man. Ambitious and tenacious, she will not tolerate her partner’s selfishness, lies and jealousy if he is less ambitious than her and blames the success of his partner.

#2 She can intimidate men

The search for the perfect partner can sometimes be hampered by a block on the first date. Interviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald, dating coach Katja Rembrandt explains that “it’s more difficult because the man in a less imposing position has to be really confident not to be intimidated”. She adds: “Very ambitious and successful women still scare most men”. In reality, behind the macho and virile airs that some of them may display, there are fragile beings. As attractive as she may be, an intelligent woman can scare them. Indeed, a shy man will not always dare to take the step and meet an ambitious and independent woman.

#1 She sometimes has higher expectations

If you have a positive attitude towards serious encounters but are always disappointed, you may be one of those women who find it difficult to make the first move or to let down their guard when faced with a man, for fear that he will disrupt their daily life. Indeed, if a woman has developed her social life without it implying a stable couple life, she may tend to look for a partner who does not disrupt her habits. This is a point that Katja Rembrandt says she often hears during her professional meetings.


Are dating sites a hindrance or a springboard for finding love?

Some people read their horoscopes carefully every week, hoping to see their love life take off and meet new people. Others decide to go to the best site to meet several people and finally find the right match. But real relationships between men and women are complex and finding a partner is not always easy. Nowadays, internet dating sites and applications such as Adopt a Guy, Eliterencontre or Tinder are seducing more and more single women. In 2019, the company Statista even revealed that their use had become common practice among both sexes in France.

Some sites offer geolocation to allow users to concretize their friendly or romantic relationships, by actually meeting. Thanks to the complicity that can be created through discussions on social networks, some people have managed to find the ideal partner that matches their personality and expectations. But for others, the affinities that are shared on a chat do not succeed in leading to a lasting relationship. In real life, dating is a way to get to know other people, but without finding true love. And even if you don’t meet anyone by accident, falling in love and finding a suitable man are two things that cannot be ordered.

How to find true love?

If you feel that the world is against you and that you will never be able to have a serious relationship or meet someone interesting, do not lose hope. First of all, know that everything comes to those who wait. Start by doing some personal introspection to analyze your personality and really meet someone who suits you. Indeed, to build a lasting relationship, you must be sincere and honest with yourself and with the other person and evaluate your compatibility in love. To please and achieve a harmonious relationship, you must be authentic and know your own character, your expectations and your intrinsic desires. You must take the time to meet new people before you find the right one.

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