The 4 Sweater Styling Rules Everyone should Learn Once and for All

Sweater Styling Rules Everyone should Learn Once and for All

I think this is one of the sensations I missed the most, feeling a warm and soft sweater on my skin, while it’s cold outside.

It’s been two years since I’ve been back to New York. But my departure is imminent so I decided to do a little shopping and show you some ideas of outfits around warm sweaters in this new video.

I know that it’s not always easy to dress well in winter. Clothes take up a lot of space and sometimes you feel like you’re getting lost under layers and layers of all kinds of fabrics and woolens.

Here are a few rules to follow to make your sweaters look feminine, choose them well and match them with the rest of your wardrobe.

Rule number 1: You wear your sweater and it is not the sweater that wears you!

Yes, you read me right. And I say it often! You wear your clothes, not the other way around.

Therefore, you have to put them on you in a way that you like. Think about :

  • Roll up the sleeves
  • Play with the collars
  • Tuck your sweater into your pants
  • Belting your sweater (this is also possible as explained in my video)

Pull Sézane

These little things make the whole outfit. A sweater well placed on your silhouette will be more feminine.

Don’t forget, of course, to choose it according to your morphology especially at the neckline:

  • The V-neckline will lengthen the bust and reveal your pretty chest
  • The round neckline is perfect for small shoulders
  • The boat neckline will highlight wider shoulders

Also remember to drape your sweater over your pants to create a drape that will be prettier than one that is too “pulled down”.

Rule number 2: Layer in the same shade

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and terribly effective.

You know me, I love cameos, especially when it comes to light or soft colors. So don’t hesitate to combine sweaters, cardigans and scarves if you’re chilly.

Don’t try too hard to make the colors all the same, what’s beautiful is the panel of colors mixed together.

And if you are extremely cold like me, then a good heat tech underneath will be welcome, I have a whole collection of them and it is very effective to be warm!

Rule number 3: Bring structure to soft pieces

Wool is beautiful, but it’s soft! And soft means bringing structure, lines, geometry to counterbalance!

So think about dressing up your face and upper torso. Here are some ideas:

  • sweater + big earrings
  • sweater + scarf in the hair
  • sweater + necklace
  • sweater + breastplate

As you can see in the video, it is very often the accessory that finishes the outfit and gives it style. It is therefore important not to skip this step. Always accessorize your sweaters to add a personal dimension.

Rule number 4: Choose sweaters with natural fibers

Goodbye to acrylic! I hate this material which is so cheap and does not keep warm.

In the past I often bought some but I shouldn’t have. It stings and then it doesn’t look like anything after two washes.

It’s better to have a few nice sweaters and buy them on sale, than a lot of synthetic sweaters.

Opt for natural fibers in large quantities in the composition of your sweaters (virgin wool, merino, alpaca, cashmere etc..). Read the labels, and if you do not find 100%, make sure you have a high contribution of natural fibers for more comfort and warmth.

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