The 5 worst makeup mistakes You Should Avoid!

The goal of this blog is to give you the best tips on how to look your best. So let’s talk today about the things to avoid when doing makeup. I’ve selected for you the 5 worst mistakes when it comes to makeup.


5. Using too dark a foundation to look tan

This is a common mistake: we tend to believe that by choosing a darker foundation, we will look better. This is totally false, on the contrary! The purpose of foundation is to create a base, a backdrop for makeup. Its objective is to unify the skin, to make it luminous and to erase the imperfections. You should therefore always choose a foundation in the color closest to your natural skin tone.For a healthy glow, use blush and/or a touch of bronze.

The same goes for concealer, which we tend to choose too light, thinking that it will be more effective. Result: it shows, which is contrary to the desired effect. The concealer must remain imperceptible and camouflage the dark circles effectively. To do this, choose a tone below the foundation, never lighter. If your dark circles are marked, choose a yellow-based concealer: this color neutralizes the blue.


4. Putting on too much…

Mascara, blush, foundation… In short, too much makeup kills makeup! I sincerely think that a successful makeup is a discreet makeup, which highlights you while remaining imperceptible. During the day, for example, one coat of mascara is enough: poorly applied, the second coat often creates “clumps”.

Similarly, blush should be applied lightly: choose shades that are easy to wear (apricot, peach) and apply it gently, brushing it over the cheekbones. Be especially careful if you use a cream blush: don’t forget to blend it!


Finally, we make a choice: the eyes or the mouth! It is an absolute rule: to make up the eyes and the mouth in a pronounced way creates a vulgar effect. If you accentuate the makeup of the eyelids, opt for a nude lipstick. Conversely, if you feel like wearing a brightly colored RAL, keep it simple for the eyes: a beige eye-shadow and a touch of mascara.

3. The smoky-eye during the day

The smoky-eye has been in fashion for several years now. We have already talked about it on this blog. It’s an eye makeup that I find very pretty when it’s well done… BUT it’s a rather difficult technique, which tends to mark dark circles and fine lines.

So, in my opinion, the smoky eye is to be reserved for evening makeup, with a sufficiently worked complexion and only if you master the technique well! Poorly applied, you risk ending up with “panda eyes” which are really of the worst effect.

2. The lip pencil darker than the RAL

It’s very tacky.  There, I said it. So, indeed, it was trendy in the mid-90s – so be it. But, as Coco Chanel said, “fashion passes, style remains”! So, to be elegant and stylish, we definitely forget about this technique!

The lip pencil is a great makeup tool, because it allows to redraw the contour of the lips and to avoid the lipstick to run. But to choose it we stick to two options. Either we choose exactly the same color as our lipstick, ideally even the same brand to be sure not to make a mistake. Or we choose exactly the color of her lips: so nude and nothing else!

1. Do not remove your makeup!

I can’t conclude this article without reminding you what is for me the worst of all possible mistakes in terms of makeup: forgetting to remove your makeup! Just as it would be a mistake not to take advantage of what a nice makeup can bring…

The skin needs to breathe and regenerate itself and it does so particularly at night. Carefully removing your makeup is therefore an essential step before going to bed. Even if you are tired. Even if you’re sick. Even if you don’t wear makeup! Whether you choose a makeup remover oil, gel or milk, don’t skip this step: your skin will thank you.

If you too have made mistakes, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments!

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