10 Things You Should Never Say During A Breakup

What not to say while breaking up with someone.
In tense circumstances like a breakup, the old saying that you should “turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking” might be helpful. Being rejected is a painful moment in any relationship, but unfortunately, some individuals lack the discretion to deliver the news by using terms that are too old-fashioned, plain awful, or false. Here are some words to avoid using after a breakup if you want to make the bitter pill easier to swallow.


#10 let us pledge to keep connected.

If we split up, at least I know I can contact you if I ever need someone to cuddle up with beneath the covers with later on, as implied by a line of the form: “We can stay friends.” If you still care about the person who is going, you should flat out decline this since it’s just an excuse to keep sleeping together. And nothing is worse than staying sexually friendly with an ex in the hopes of rekindling a romantic relationship in the future.

#9 “I don’t deserve you; you’re too good for me.”


When you want to break up with your lover, this is the most irritating reason to do it. In saying this, the speaker is likely attempting to rub it in while also diminishing his or her own importance in the hopes that the press would have less problem covering the story. Otherwise, if the other is heated, there’s no need for him or her to leave us.

#8 “It’s not you, it’s me”

Similar to the old chestnut “I don’t deserve you,” this justification has been around since the beginning of time. The worst thing, however, is how moldy and awful it tastes after eating it. Getting dumped is already a terrible experience, but this sentence makes it more worse.


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