This Season’s Most Trendy Spring Nails

It finally springs. Things are heating up, and your fingers can no longer hide behind those Bernie mittens.


Most likely, you haven’t had a decent manicure in a while, but with nail salons slowly opening again, it could be time to liven things up with some of these spring nail ideas.

We have spring nail workmanship thoughts for everybody, from customary pastels and splendid rainbows to rabbits and blossoms that will make them skip through the fields.
Yes, there will be plenty of gorgeous pastel interpretations “lilacs and sky blues will be big in spring 2021”, but there will also be nail-art ideas that are just plain fun. Consider vivid rainbow hues, whimsical flowery manicure designs, and unusual patterns like clouds and cow print.

Do you prefer to keep things simple? Relax, we have a few ideas for you too.
The French manicure isn’t going away, and if you’d prefer to paint your nails at home, that’s OK too. The easiest nail art trend to DIY is mismatched nails, which are quite popular right now. Here are a couple of our number one spring nail plans to attempt at this moment.


French Tips

French Tips

Nostalgia for the 2000s will persist in 2021. Give your high school favorite a modern spin by making it circular rather than square.

Glitter Swoops

Glitter Swoops

It doesn’t take much glitter polish to make a huge statement—in fact, a little on a bare skin is just ideal.

Mismatched Hearts

instagram / vanityprojects

Negative-space hearts are especially better when each hand is a different hue. Make your own by putting a heart-shaped sticker on each nail and pulling it off after the polish has dried.


Press-On Nails in Pastel Matte

If putting on basic nail polish requires more coordination than you have, that’s OK. EchoTangoNails’ multi-colored matte pastel press-on nails are ideal.

Little Hearts

instagram / lefevrediary

Never underestimate the power of adding some shaped sequins to a plain mani. Tiny hearts are ideal for Valentine’s Day and other occasions.

Spring flowers

instagram / yeswhatnails

Combine the vintage floral and mismatched nail trends for the trendiest spring manicure ever. To make the daisies, just dip the end of a bobby pin into your rainbow of polishes.

Sleek Silver


Pro Tip: For optimum effect, match your rings to your nails.

The cherry on top


This manicure is almost too adorable to bear. And ideal in the thick of winter when you simply want it to be spring.

Flowers that are realistic


Ornate flowers on bare nails appear to be pieces of art. For a similar effect, try these stickers.

Cherry Nail Polish

Danni designed these colorful cherries, which remind us of how pitted fruit is the pits.

Cotton Candy

 Modern color blocking balances out the sweetness of sorbet hues.

Understated Greige

Nail art is making a comeback, but sometimes plain nails make just as much of a statement.

Abstract Rainbows

You should expect to grin every time you look at your nails.

Nails with a Smiley Face


Make a smiley expression on those numerals like Dua Lipa and Harry Styles.

Opposites attract.


Combine complementary colors to create a standout mani.

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