20 Super Tips To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

Tips To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

Every shoe, whether high heels, pumps, ballet flats, or even a pair of ordinary sneakers, has the potential to inflict discomfort on the foot. Assist me! Okay, so it was in the past.


Because, happily, there are techniques for avoiding foot pain.

Here are twenty-one tried-and-true methods for eliminating foot pain and improving shoe comfort. Examine it:

#20 Wet floors? Restore their traction with some sandpaper.

Putting sandpaper on your worn soles is a fast and easy way to prevent falls. White vinegar may be used to treat athlete’s foot when rubbed into the soles.


#19 How’s your foot feeling after a day of wearing high heels? Put some tape on your third and fourth toes if they hurt.

This advice may be out of the ordinary, but bear with me. Put some medical tape like this on the joint of your third and fourth toes. This will relieve pressure on the painful nerve beneath the foot.

#18 Done with your sneakers always squeaking? Take use of talcum powder


The sole’s contact with the shoe’s lining is the primary source of shoe noise. Solution: a dusting of talcum powder. Get rid of the insole and dust the interior of your shoes with baby powder. If you do this, the friction in your shoes will decrease and you won’t hear any more squeaking.

#17 Avoid blisters by only using clear deodorant.

Say farewell to irritation and welcome to the dance floor! Prevent blisters by applying clear gel deodorant to the areas where your shoes rub. You may also use Vaseline with this trick.

#16 The experts always wear their shoes a size or two looser than the average person, so you should too.

Do what the cobblers do and use a proper shoe tree to maintain the form of each pair of shoes. You can’t deny that it’s also aesthetically pleasing.

#15 Using newspaper and 70 percent alcohol, enlarge your boots.

This is also an excellent method for maintaining order in your shoe rack.

#14 This non-slip rubbe will make fixing your heels a breeze.

Heels may be given new life with the help of these non-slip heel plates. It’s a simple and effective answer!

#13 Have you had enough of always tripping over your own feet while wearing high heels? Slip-resistant insoles, please.

Pick insoles like these with an excellent non-slip covering for the greatest results.

#12 Use tea bags to deodorize your shoes.

I can assure you, it does have an effect. Using tea bags, you can finally get rid of stinky shoes. In order to eliminate unpleasant scents, use tea bags.

#11 For improved comfort, cut 1 cm off the height of your heels.

Due to the increased pressure placed on the soles of the feet by high heels, injuries are more likely to occur. No other method of bone fracture compares well! Thankfully, there is a way to significantly reduce that danger. You may easily chop down 1 to 2 cm from the heel height without ruining your shoes. Just see a cobbler to get this done.

#10 Are those shoes too tiny for you? Store them in the refrigerator or freezer.

Just add water, freezer bags, and time to the equation to expand your shoe size scientifically. Your eyes did not deceive you; it is the correct translation. For shoes that are excessively tight or cause discomfort, use this time-tested tip from granny.

Get two freezer bags and fill them with water; then, place the bags into your shoes. Then, freeze the shoes for three to four hours if they are too small. Freezing the water in the bags will cause them to expand, pressing outward on the shoe’s sides. Great, isn’t it?

#9 Are your ankle straps constricting your foot? Fill the straps with moleskin.

Very simple. Straps may be made more bearable by inserting adhesive moleskin strips trimmed to size.

#8 Slippery shoes? Pad them with some shoe pads.

Are you sick and tired of suffering from painful heel chafing? To increase comfort when wearing shoes, use ultra-soft adhesive patches.

#7 Use a hair dryer and some socks to break in a pair of too-big shoes.

Do you think your leather ballet shoes may need a size up? Put on some thick socks and use a hair dryer on the affected area. The leather may be loosened up by using a hair dryer on a high heat setting.

#6 Denim may be used to mend ripped linings.

Zippers, the term for the fabric linings inside shoes, wear out and disintegrate with time. The easiest technique to mend them is to cover the area with a piece of denim. To fix the fabric, you may use textile glue or stitch them by hand.

#5 Silicone insoles will help keep your feet in place.

Cure is better than prevention. There’s no need to worry about discomfort when you know you’ll be standing on your feet all night in your pumps. Put in some silicone insoles that won’t slide around on your feet.

#4 Here’s how to tie your laces for more comfortable running sneakers.

#3 If you want to be sure your new pair of shoes fits, wait until the evening to shop.

Try on new footwear at the end of the day for the most accurate fit.

Why? Simply said, your feet swell the most at the end of the day. In this case, your somewhat enlarged feet will serve as a more accurate sizing guide when purchasing new footwear.

The solution was there in front of your face the whole time 🙂 But what if you’ve already purchased footwear?

Then practice wearing them in your own house in the days leading up to the event. When you’re in the middle of a household chore like cooking, cleaning, or vacuuming… This will give the shoe some time to loosen up and conform to the contour of your foot.

#2 Do you have foot blisters? Green tea foot soaks are a great way to ease those aching feet.

Those feet of yours hurting like hell? One remedy is to give their feet a soak in green tea. Green tea’s potent anti-inflammatory qualities will instantly alleviate the agony of your blisters and revive your poor, fatigued feet.

#1 Fabric covers may make your flip-flops more bearable, so try them out.

classic black sandals isolated on a white background

Wrap your rubber flip-flops with cotton to lessen the rubbing feeling. Moreover, you may embellish them in any way you choose with many lovely and vibrant fabrics.

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