15 Awesome Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine

Known for its ability to heal minor injuries or for its sulphurous use, Vaseline is also an ally for the skin. It’s no coincidence that make-up artists swear by the use of Vaseline! Discover our 15 Awesome Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine.



Vaseline, a real beauty ally? It may be hard to believe… and yet! Here are a myriad of reasons to add Vaseline to your routine.

What is Vaseline?


Vaseline is a petroleum derivative. That’s why it’s also known as “petrolatum” or “petroleum jelly”.

But what is the composition of Vaseline? It contains mainly paraffins, i.e. alkanes. And contrary to what one might think, Vaseline is not dangerous because it is not chemically active.

Far from being harmful, Vaseline can even be a real beauty and health ally. We explain why.


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The benefits of Vaseline for moisturizing the skin

Thanks to its gel-cream texture, Vaseline is very moisturizing. Very nourishing, it can repair any area of the body.

1. Smooth Lips

Vaseline can replace your lip balm on dry and damaged lips. Simply apply a thin layer and leave it on for a few minutes or overnight.

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2. Soft hands

Vaseline works wonders on dry, rough hands and cuticles. Apply the paraffin to the damaged areas and leave it on.

3. Smooth Feet

Like hands, feet can also suffer from dryness. To repair cracked heels, nothing is more effective than Vaseline. Apply the jelly before going to bed and put on socks to leave it on overnight. You’ll have soft feet the next morning!

4. Moisturizing elbows and knees with Vaseline

Elbows and knees are often dry areas. Vaseline can be used as a moisturizer to be applied to small areas.

Using Vaseline for make-up

Vaseline… the new make-up ally? Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons to change your mind!

1. Vaseline, a good concealer

Applied in a thick layer under the eyes in the evening and ideally accompanied by a facial massage of the eye area, Vaseline reduces puffiness and dark circles.

2. Make varnish application easier with Vaseline

Vaseline insulates the skin from anything that might touch it. To protect the nail area from spills, apply a little before applying nail polish.

This tip also works when coloring your hair! Simply apply some to the forehead and temples to protect the skin.

3. Use Vaseline as a lip gloss

Vaseline can also be used as a lip gloss. To create your own gloss, you can also mix your favorite lipstick with Vaseline. You will get a shiny color and a comfortable texture.

4. Eyebrow gel

To discipline your eyebrows, put Vaseline on an eyebrow brush to set them and keep them in place for the day.

5. Eye makeup with Vaseline

Vaseline is favored by pro make-up artists to hold eye shadow or glitter on the eyes. You can also mix it with your eye shadow or apply it alone to adopt the famous “glossy eyes” trend.

The benefits of Vaseline for hair and eyelashes

Vaseline is also an ally for hair and eyelashes!

1. Vaseline for hair

Vaseline boosts hair length, makes it shiny and moisturizes dry ends. Apply it as a conditioner and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water.

2. Vaseline in your beauty routine to grow eyelashes

To grow your eyelashes, put a little product on the brush of an empty mascara and comb your lashes before going to sleep.

Other uses of Vaseline in your beauty routine

And that’s not all… Vaseline has many other uses.

1. Remove make-up with Vaseline

Thanks to its oily texture, Vaseline is an ultra-efficient make-up remover. Use a cotton pad to apply it to your face to dissolve your make-up (even waterproof make-up!).

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2. How to make a scrub with Vaseline?

Combined with sugar, petroleum jelly becomes a homemade lip or body scrub. Apply the mixture by massaging gently before rinsing. Your skin will feel soft again! Do this once a week, like a regular scrub.

3. Vaseline in your beauty routine on burns

In the case of very light burns (such as a small reddening that does not affect any sensitive area), you can use Vaseline. Start by cooling the affected area with a cool (but not icy) stream of water for about ten minutes. Then apply Vaseline to the burn. Its moisturizing properties will help to soothe and facilitate rapid healing!

4. Vaseline in your beauty routine for scars

Vaseline is also very effective in treating scars. It is very greasy and helps to keep a wound moist. Which is a good thing. Indeed, wounds that turn into scabs do not heal as well. So apply it regularly to the affected area until it has completely healed.

5. For sunburn

If you have a small sunburn (note: we say a small sunburn, not a large one, otherwise you’ll be sent to the doctor), Vaseline can be a good alternative to treat it! After cooling the inflammation with a jet of cold water for about ten minutes, apply Vaseline to the affected area. Repeat this until it heals.

6. Against wrinkles

Rich in vitamins A and E, i.e. powerful antioxidants, petroleum jelly is therefore formidable for slowing down skin ageing.

How to use it? First, wash your skin with your usual cleanser. Then apply Vaseline to your face using small circular movements. Leave on for a few hours (or overnight, if possible), and rinse off with clean water.

7. To enhance the smell of perfume

To make your perfume smell longer, spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly in the strategic places where you spray your perfume.

8. To remove false eyelashes

Removing false eyelashes can be complicated. You have to take them off without damaging them, and then you have to remove the glue residue…. And for this, Vaseline is formidable! Gently rub your lashes with a cotton pad, and that’s it!

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