Tips to waterproof your makeup (tutorial)

Tips to waterproof your makeup

Who says summer says beach, pool, humidity, heat… Winter means rain, snow, humidity. Not always easy to master the codes of waterproof makeup. So, to stay zen and not be afraid of runny makeup, here are our best waterproof makeup tips.


Since its arrival in our vanity, waterproof makeup has revolutionized women’s daily lives.

But for those who are still resistant to the slogan: “Waterproof, humidity and heat resistant”, these tips may change your mind.

What is waterproof makeup?

Stop the prejudice!


Waterproof products are made with natural active ingredients (therefore safe for the skin) that adapt to all skin tones.

In general, they are composed of shea butter extract, which leaves a soft feeling after application, and volatile polymers.

These polymers are greasy (but not too much either, we reassure you) to glide on and be easy to apply.


Only the sensitive skins can badly support the waterproof makeup. When in doubt, go to the dermatologist!

When should I use it?

waterproof makeup

All summer long, of course!

It’s the ideal makeup for those who like to wear makeup for the beach (or the pool, or for those who take the subway in the heatless fun!) and who don’t want to risk mascara runs.

But don’t neglect waterproof for a night out, or even, any time of the year. When it’s raining or snowing, you might be glad you put on a little waterproof mascara to avoid the panda eye effect.

Waterproof is THE secret to long-lasting makeup, no matter how hot, humid, or dancey it gets.

Tip: to find out if your brand new waterproof makeup is holding up well, soak a cotton ball in water and dab it on the areas of your face you want to test.

If it doesn’t run, you’re done!

How to apply waterproof makeup?

   1. Make up your eyes with waterproof makeup

Rule #1: first, take care of the eyeshadow.

Apply it from the base of the lashes, working your way up to the eyelid.

Now it’s time to apply your eyeliner.

Prefer a gel version to be applied with a brush following the base of the lashes.

For the kohl pencil, no surprise, apply it like a classic pencil.

You are ready for the final touch, the mascara, which will waterproof your lashes and limit the risks of “dripping”.

   2. Waterproof makeup for the complexion

In summer, makeup for the complexion rhymes with discretion (since we are already tanned) and safety.

We don’t want it to run or shine! Hence the interest in waterproof.

To avoid shining in the sun and having unified areas of the face, two options: either we apply a touch of sun powder that we fix with translucent loose powder, or we bet on a light waterproof foundation.

In any case, don’t forget the obligatory preliminary step of sun cream, even in town!

   3. Waterproof lip makeup

The principle of waterproof lipstick is that it lasts a long time, resisting water, saliva, smoothies, and other summer pleasures.

The downside is that it tends to dry out your lips. The trick if you feel tightness or itching during the day is to apply a classic nourishing balm over it.

How to Remove It?

First of all, a handy tip for clumsy beauty stash: if you mess up on your first try, always keep a cotton swab nearby to blur the mistakes before the makeup dries (and boy does it dry fast!).

On the other hand, don’t put any water on the cotton swab, it won’t work!

Invest in a special waterproof concealer pen or soak your cotton swab in micellar water to remove all traces of oil.

As for makeup removal, don’t skip it, it’s essential for your skin and even more so when you use waterproof.

Since water alone is not enough, choose a special waterproof two-phase makeup remover (which mixes water + oil) to avoid irritation and too much oil.

If traces persist: add a drop of argan oil on a cotton pad.

Characteristics of waterproof makeup


It has many advantages. It allows you to keep your beauty intact for longer and its use is particularly recommended in the following cases:

  • If you tend to rub or scratch your eyes if you wear contact lenses or are sensitive.
  • During hot weather, because the perspiration of the skin can reduce the hold of traditional makeup.
  • In case of repeated swimming, in the pool or in the sea.
  • During moderate to intense sports activities.

It is possible to obtain waterproof makeup products in the following forms:

  • eye shadow,
  • pencils and eyeliners,
  • mascaras,
  • liquid or compact foundations,
  • sun powders,
  • lipsticks and glosses.


Despite the many prejudices that reign over the composition of It, the latter is most often made of natural active ingredients. We can thus find in the waterproof makeup :

  • animal, vegetable, or mineral waxes,
  • solvents,
  • volatile and/or film-forming polymers,
  • shea butter extract, jojoba extract,
  • vitamin E,
  • solvents in the form of volatile oils,
  • pigments, synthetic or natural.

These ingredients are said to be hydrophobic and thus repel water that could damage the makeup.

Waterproof makeup hold

The durability of waterproof makeup depends above all on the conditions in which the makeup is worn. As a general rule, it can last :

  • 24 hours if it is a normal day or in case of moderate sports activity.
  • 12 hours if it is repeatedly exposed to sea or pool water and sweat during intense physical activity.

Waterproof makeup: sales points and prices

Waterproof makeup is very widespread and can be purchased :

  • in supermarkets,
  • in perfumeries and beauty salons,
  • on the Internet.

The prices of waterproof makeup are slightly higher than those of traditional makeup and depend on the brand chosen. The average budget varies between :

  • 5 to 10 € for a pencil, an eyeliner, a gloss, or a waterproof lipstick.
  • 10 to 20 € for waterproof mascara.
  • 15 to 30 € for a waterproof foundation or powder.


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