15 Simple Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Many of us aren’t going out of our way to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of clothing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want our ensembles to seem like a million bucks.


The good news is that inexpensive clothing and accessories that lack a high-end designer name and are hanging on the clearance rack may end up looking like you spent a lot of money on them, and all you need is a decent eye, some effort, and maybe a tiny alteration or two here and there.

Are you ready to improve your wardrobe? Today I’m talking about 15 tricks that help you how to dress cheap but look expensive in spite of the budget you invested to create it.

If you have a budget to stick to but want to appear as if you don’t, keep reading.


15. Change the buttons and zippers

Simple plastic buttons may make your clothes appear shabby. Other materials, such as bone, silver, and mother-of-pearl buttons, might make your garments appear more costly. You may replace them yourself by cutting off the old ones and sewing on new ones, or you can find a reasonably priced alteration service to do it for you.

14. Get your clothes professionally fitted


It makes no difference how much you spend for clothing if it does not fit properly.

Some people believe that getting cheap clothes fitted is a waste of money, yet it’s one of the finest ways to make those cheap pieces appear like you paid a lot more for them.

Because everyone is different, a single piece of clothes will not fit or look the same on everyone. However, when you have clothing customized, you are changing those items into ones that are uniquely designed for you and your body type.

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