12 Ways To Tell If A Guy Really Likes You

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

For weeks, you’ve been admiring the dashing stranger in your neighborhood, and now you’ve worked up the nerve to approach him. However, how can you figure out whether he feels the same way about you? As for signs, you need not search any further since we have them all.


People may be difficult to read, particularly when it comes to love and relationships. It might be difficult to tell whether a man likes you or not.

Men “attempt to disguise” their feelings more often than women do. But don’t let it stop you from finding out how he feels about you!

Here’s how to determine whether a man likes you and thinks you’re important to him.


The 12 Indicators That He’s Into You

From casual caressing to reckless flirtation, these are 12 signs that a man has a serious crush on you.

If he displays any of these behaviors, it’s safe to assume that he likes you.

#12 He shares a lot of personal details with you


Men seldom interact with someone they have no feelings towards. To be honest, individuals seldom interact with someone they don’t care about. He must think highly of you if he makes repeated attempts to get in touch with you.

#11 He values your Opinion and takes your thoughts into consideration

If a guy really likes you, he’ll seek your opinion on everything and remember what you said. Whether you want to know if a man likes you or has a crush on you, this is a great indicator. Men who are really smitten will go to great lengths to please the woman they love, whether that means dressing the part or studying her interests to the point where he can buy her gifts.

#10 He is concerned about your well-being

A man’s interest in you may be inferred from his expressions of care and curiosity.

When he inquires about your welfare, it’s because he honestly wants to know how you’re doing and is concerned that everything is all right in your world.

It’s a good sign that he could like you as girlfriend material if he’s looking out for you.

He hopes you would remember that he is a reliable resource whenever you find yourself in need of assistance.

For him, it is crucial that you know that he is always there for you. Though he undoubtedly respects your autonomy, he secretly wishes he could feel more needed and desired.

See how he responds if you ask for his assistance with anything.

#9 You can always count on him to be there when you need him

In spite of their denials, the vast majority of men secretly want to be the object of a woman’s adoration. When they care about you deeply and they sense that you’re in trouble, men will do whatever they can to help.

#8 He offers you presents

In my opinion, a man’s interest in you may be gauged by the frequency with which he buys you tokens of appreciation. If he’s always buying you presents, you must have a special place in his heart.

#7 He makes up excuses to visit you

If he constantly comes up with reasons to hang out with you, such as when he needs your assistance moving or when he wants to borrow a book, it’s because he wants to spend more time with you. Obviously, he has a serious crush on you if he goes out of his way to create excuses to hang out with you.

#6 He has specific memories of you

Remembering specifics about you, such as your favorite color or hometown, shows that he is eager in learning more about you. It’s a positive indicator if he can recall specifics about you since men have a tendency to do so with the women they find attractive.

#5 He organizes things with you

If he is serious about you, he will want to do more than simply communicate. He will want to meet with you personally.

Perhaps he will suggest going to a movie or out for a drink with you.

It’s a good indicator that he wants to spend time with you in person if he makes preparations to do so.

He needs to see your face whenever he chats with you, not just read your text messages.

#4 Even at night, he messages you a kind goodnight

Good night is what he says when he wishes you to have pleasant dreams.

It’s nice to know that someone is thinking of you as they drift off to sleep and that they hope you have a restful night.

He clearly likes you if you’re the last thing on his thoughts before he turns in for the night.

Unimportant people don’t get goodnight SMS from friends and family.

#3 You notice that he keeps looking at your breasts or buttocks

The man is checking you out if he gives you the occasional peek down. If he looks at your breast or butt more than once throughout the talk, he must find you attractive. Guys are notorious for gazing at other places besides their date’s eyes to gauge their level of interest.

#2 He is always attempting to introduce you to his family and friends

If you two are dating seriously, he wants to commit to you. If not, it’s a hint that he intends to keep you around for the long haul. It’s a terrific look either way.

#1 You have to realize that you’re at the top of his list.

When it comes to ladies they aren’t interested in, guys don’t simply stop what they’re doing. They only give attention to the ladies who are really significant to them. If you’re important to him, he cares about you. It really is that easy.

To Sum Up!

Finally, if you want to know whether a man likes you, simply keep an eye out for these 17 factors. If he’s doing more than one of these things, he’s probably crazy about you.

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