Hair scarf hairstyle: 10 ways to wear a scarf in your hair

wear a scarf

How to wear a scarf in your hair? The fashion of the scarf is back! We can for example wear scarf as a scrunchie in a low or high ponytail, wrap it around a bun, tie it in our hair like Brigitte Bardot, wrap it around our face like a headband or even integrate it into a braid.


Which scarf to choose? Polka dots, flowers, leopard print, ethnic print, wax, gingham, fancy… the possible styles are numerous! Printed and/or colored scarves will bring a trendy touch to your hairstyle, accessorize your outfit and give you a lot of style.Here are several hairstyle inspirations with a scarf or scarf scrunchie spotted on Pinterest .

10 hairstyle ideas with scarf

ways to wear a scarf

Scarf hairstyle polka dot print hair on low wavy ponytail. An elegant and feminine hairstyle idea!


ways to wear a scarf

Hairstyle idea with a floral print scarf scrunchie on a smooth ponytail. Proof that a simple ponytail can become very stylish with a simple hair accessory!

ribbon scrunchie in the hair

ways to wear a scarf


Accessorized bun with a gingham print scarf. Make a bun and accessorize it with a scarf or a printed silk square. You’ll bring a lot of style to it!

Wear a Scarf in a bun

Scarf in a bun

Scarf in a loose bun with hair down and loose strands around the face. We love it!

Braid scarf

Scarf in a braid. You’ll find plenty of hairdressing tutorials on Youtube to reproduce this pretty bohemian summer hairstyle!

Chouchou scarf in the hair

Leopard print chouchou scarf hairstyle with long hair. The chouchou scarf has the advantage of being even easier to use than the scarf.

Headband scarf hairstyle

Head scarf hairstyle on a straight bob. We like the electric blue color of the headband with its fancy fashion prints. This hairstyle is also suitable for women with short hair.

Wear a Head scarf hairstyle

Brigitte Bardot style hairstyle with ponytail and scarf. Not forgetting the bangs and the bohemian basket for a 60s look!

Wear a Bun scarf hairstyle

Hairstyle scarf bun with multicolored scarf.

Women’s scarf hairstyle

Half up hair tie with animal print scarf.

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