How to Wear Black Lipstick With A Full Video Tutorial ?

Black lips are now definitely part of the makeup trends. But be careful to wear it well so as not to look too gothic. And to properly display your black lips, Dealzgreat decided to give you a detailed black lipstick makeup tutorial with a full video.


Who can wear black lipstick?

I can see you saying: no thanks, black lips for a gothic look, it’s not for me! Well, think again.

Whether you are blonde or brunette, light skinned or dark skinned, dark lips suit everyone! The trick is to know how to apply it well and to harmonize it with your makeup look.

The proof, some stars show it without complex on the red carpet. The best ambassador of black lipstick?


Rihanna who has, lately, multiplied the appearances with a black makeup of the mouth. Of course you will say, on a black skin, the result is canon!

But you should know that Gigi Hadid has also fallen for black lips many times while she is blonde and has a light skin. And the result is just as sublime.

The same goes for Kylie Jenner who regularly shows herself with dark lips.



The only condition to make a black mouth makeup is not related to its complexion but rather to its personality.

If you do not assume this dark side, you can still opt for dark lipstick.

How To Apply Black Lipstick ?

The essential step, especially with black lipstick, is to scrub your lips so that they are smooth.

Then, you have to draw the outline of the lips with a black pencil (you guessed it!).

Finally, you apply the lipstick directly with a stick or with a brush for a more precise result.

I am afraid of black, What Are The Alternatives?

If the carbon lips make a crazy effect on glossy paper, to assume “raven” lips in everyday life is not necessarily obvious. Fortunately, there are alternatives for those who want to take on the trend without losing their feathers.

If you ever want to throw yourself into a black grape, start by getting used to wearing dark colors like burgundy, eggplant or purple. Unlike flashy colors, dark shades tend to harden the face. Seeing how a dark lipstick looks on your pretty face can give you a better idea of the look you want.

Once you’re past this first step, if you want to give your lips a vampy-glam vibe without going totally dark, you can perfectly cover your usual lipstick with a black gloss. In addition to making your mouth shimmer, a licorice-colored gloss will give it beautiful dark highlights while still being transparent.

Finally, if you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can try your hand at a more or less intense ombré lips.

You’ll see, it’s much easier than it looks: with a small brush, start by outlining your lips with a very dark or black lipstick. Move the color down to the middle of your lips, leaving the core intact. Then apply a lighter shade to the center of your mouth, and press your lips together to blend the two shades. You can then use your small lip brush to reintensify the edges or add a little more light to the center of your mouth.


What About The Rest Of The Face?

It’s crucial to avoid overdoing your makeup on the rest of your face because your mouth is so intense. There is nothing better than a delicate complexion enhanced with concealer, blush, and a coat of mascara to draw attention to dark lips. Forget about smokey eyes and graphic contouring.

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