7 Stylish Tops To Wear With Leggings

The legging is often criticized for being too casual, not adapting to various morphologies, and too “cheap.” Nonetheless, it falls within the category of fundamental essentials. If it has received such negative notoriety, it is because there have been multiple drifts since its initial release: it was often mistaken with trousers and was worn as is, with short or tight shirts.

Its opacity has instantly positioned it as a perfect alternative to tights, and we can see it connected with mini-skirts or micro-shorts, often in denim, a bit too tattered and not always in the finest taste…

Not to mention the many prints that irritated his eyes; it was difficult for him to rebuild his reputation after all of that. We decided to give him his due by outlining how to properly wear and associate it, as well as summarizing the faults to avoid.

#1 Who is permitted to wear leggings?

The legging has no age restriction; it is one of the few garments that can be worn from infancy to maturity; yet, it is demanding in terms of silhouette.

It is more suited to fine morphologies or those without flaws such as orange skin, cellulite, arched knees… since it allows everyone to see, particularly when it is fine and to purchase in huge sign.

But don’t worry, if you have a voluptuous morphology, you may wear it as well. It is sufficient to choose it carefully: in a thick enough material, with a little sheathing. It looks excellent when paired with a flowing and flowy shirt.

It’s a true staple that may be worn at home, at work, or during sports practice. It’s a true second layer that takes up minimal room in your wardrobe and goes on quickly while you’re getting ready.


#2 Must-have leggings and outfits

  • The traditional leggings

A standard length and an elastic waist define these black pants. Choose a neutral and relatively dark tone, such charcoal gray, to wear instead of black to add some variety to your wardrobe and make it simpler to put together different looks.

Wear tops that are loose-fitting and somewhat lengthy; avoid crop tops and short, form-fitting tops; instead, achieve a sense of proportion by pairing a more fitted bottom with a more voluminous top.

When wearing a man’s shirt, feel free to experiment with belts and many layers.

In a more fashionable guise, you may wear it with a blouse, heels, and a jacket that conceals your posterior.


Loose top, button-down shirt, and shoes for the laid-back variation.


For Winter: Wear a coat, wool sweater, undershirt, a pair of shirts, high-heeled boots, and wool socks with a heel for the cold. It’s feminine and understated, even with this mountain of clothes. It’s snug, so it keeps you toasty.

  • Leather or faux leather leggings

By far my favorite, it is ageless and adds a rock aspect to want. Simply throw on a casual tee-shirt and you’re done.

You may also wear it as a sporty piece with a sweatshirt and shoes.

They are often found in faux leather; nevertheless, take care that the end product does not conjure too much plastic.

We prefer a matte finish over a glossy effect and don’t add any extra embellishments, such as colorful stitching, sequins, or rhinestones.In short, we are still sober!

However, it should not be worn with a leather perfecto; it is too much!

  • The jeggings

It’s a blend of jeans and leggings.

Manufacturers chose this hybrid form due to the popularity of leggings.

It will have a more worked appearance than leggings, such as buttons, closures, or even pockets, and will therefore be simpler to wear with shorter outfits.

You may wear it with a blouse or a shirt that you can tuck inside while thinking about how to accessorize the ensemble.

It can readily replace the thin. Stick to neutral hues like classic or raw denim blue, gray, or black.

  • The cocooning legging

It will join you on your long winter nights when you feel the chill.

Choose it preferable in wool, and wear it with warm socks, a camisole with a thick knitted cardigan over it, or as loungewear or for a weekend excursion to the forest!

  • Leggings for sports

With it, life seems to be easier; color, prints, pantacourt… anything is permitted.

The sole limitation is that the material must be appropriate for physical exercise: the well-known technological materials.

They will let your skin to breathe more readily, causing you to sweat less and feel more comfortable.

In general, they are materials having a gleaming appearance.


#3 The unforgivable mistakes

  • Leggings paired with a denim miniskirt

Because we do not expect to wear the mini, bare legs, or tights, we tell ourselves that a legging will enable us to wear it without feeling complicated or embarrassed by the stares.

I grant you that the concept was sound, but it was unworkable.

Believe me, opaque tights are a lot better option.

  • The transparent legging

It was not originally the objective, but the initial quality was not necessary at the rendezvous, and so it is enough that you bend a little or that the light is a bit strong for it to display your underpants. Isn’t it very embarrassing?

It wasn’t the intention, but the initial quality wasn’t required at the rendezvous, so it’s enough that you bend a little or that the light is a little bright for it to show your underwear.

  • Leggings with a border

We wanted to disguise it since it was too depressing, so we added lace, rhinestones, and frills, because it’s cute when you’re six, but not when you’re an adult!

  • Leggings in white

It is a creation that should never have been!

  • Excessive casualness

Because leggings are handy and we sometimes feel the need to add a little weight to our outfit: sneakers, loose sweater… we leave the casual “managed” look and acquire a full “carefree appearance,” it only lacks the greasy hair and lack of makeup and it’s the top!

If you want great leggings but can’t afford to go to an American Apparel type store, go at online clothing clearance and sports shops, which are often less expensive and more durable owing to the use of clever materials.

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