Wedding manicures: 10 sublime inspirations that are out of the ordinary

Wedding manicures

For your wedding, be flawless all the way to your nails! Here are 10 gorgeous wedding manicure inspirations for brides that are out of the ordinary! Which beauty look will be your favorite?


You’ve got the dress, the shoes, the corset, the ring; your beauty routine has been tested and retested? You are now ready to face the D-day as it should be, impeccable until the end of the nails! By the way, haven’t you forgotten your nails? Don’t forget the manicure, because your nails will play a crucial role in the celebration of your wedding: signature on the registers, exchange of the wedding rings, they will be shot by the paparazzi like real stars! Here are some inspirations of original wedding manicures, for hands of fairy which leave the ordinary.

1/ A soft pastel manicure

Two nails that stand out from the crowd, to make you stand out in all discretion.

2/ From lace to nails

Why not coordinate your dress with your manicure?


3/ White roses

What could be more romantic than a bouquet of white roses to celebrate your union?

4/ A precious manicure

Adorn your nails with precious jewelry. Your ears aren’t the only ones that can benefit from pearls!

5/ Filing in lace

Perfectly filed, these delicate nails seem to have been immersed in a lace bath! They are likely to be emulated…


6/ Spring flowers

Your flowery manicure announces the return of the beautiful days, to celebrate your love as it should be!

7/ Rare pearls

A few pearls scattered at random by your fairy fingers, and here is a very special manicure, for an occasion that is no less special!

8/ A fairy manicure

Fairy-tale prints adorn your nails for a magical day!

9/ A metallic manicure

These beautiful lamé nail decorations will dazzle more than one! For a modern wedding.

10/ A flowery nail

A reminder of your beautiful bridal bouquet.

How about you, which nail beauty did you like best from this list of original wedding manicures? Share your opinion by leaving us your comment! Are you getting married?

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