Why shouldn’t you use towels to dry your face? A habit to banish

dry your face with towel

This is a common habit for many people. However, it is a mistake that should not be repeated. After working out or showering, it is not advisable to use a towel to dry your face because it can be harmful in the long run. Find out why you should banish this gesture from your daily routine.


Most people use a towel to dry their face or to wipe off sweat after working out. Did you know that this little gesture can damage your skin more than you realize?

Washing your face and drying it with a towel are two habits that can cause long-term damage. While these things may seem perfectly normal to you, few people know that the towel is not suitable for use on the face. There are concrete reasons why you shouldn’t have this habit.

Why you should not use a towel to dry your face?


Although it seems quite normal, there are several reasons why it would be advisable to abandon this habit if you want to have a healthy and moisturized skin. That’s why specialists warn at every opportunity that micellar water is more suitable for cleaning our skin than tap water. This product allows you to clean the skin deeply without irritating it.

If the subject of products used to remove makeup or impurities from the skin is much more discussed, experts say that it is important to pay special attention to how you dry it. Experts warn that the towel can assault your skin, especially if you rub it on your face and don’t dab it, which would be more appropriate. While rubbing your face with a towel may seem like a quick and effective method, it can have many negative consequences such as increased skin sensitivity and irritation.

Although it seems contradictory, drying the face with a towel will make the skin even more oily. And for good reason, adopting this habit increases the production of sebum by attacking the skin’s sebaceous glands.


Instead, it is recommended that you let your face dry naturally. This may take about 3-5 minutes. You can speed up the drying process with a mini fan and apply a moisturizer.

Creams are no longer effective on the skin

This habit also influences the way creams, serums or facials are absorbed by the skin. When the skin is wet, it acts like a sponge, absorbing all the ingredients of the skin care creams. Therefore, it is recommended to apply any facial skin product soon after showering and the results will be visible much faster.

Another important thing to consider is acne, which many people face. Often, you tend to use the same towel for the body and face. This habit should be banned as it can damage your skin more than you think. Towels harbor a lot of bacteria because of the humidity in the bathroom. So when you use the same towel for your body as you do for your face, you are exposing yourself to more of these microorganisms that can clog your skin and cause blackheads and pimples.

Many people do not wash the towel after each use. Therefore, avoid using the towel and let the skin dry naturally. This will prevent pimples and skin irritations.

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